Rig Tracking interface is designed with you, our valued customers, in mind. Offering a unique online platform for exceptional customer care, ensuring you are always connected to our dependable trucking services. With Rig Tracking, enjoy an enhanced customer experience, easily monitor shipments, and access services 24/7.


Empowering our customers with real-time shipment status updates has historically required significant time and effort from our dedicated team. However, with Rig Tracking, we've streamlined the process. Now, you can instantly access vital delivery information critical to your business operations. This solution not only benefits you but also allows our dispatch team to focus on efficiently planning new loads. You can effortlessly track the progress of your current shipments online, using the specific details tied to your freight bill, ensuring a seamless experience.

Pickup Request

Traditionally to process a requested pickup you needed to have someone available to speak directly to the customer, get all the information you need, manually enter this information, and phone the client back to confirm the pickup details. With TM4Web this intricate process can be completed online 24 hours a day. Your clients can enter requested pickup details like the delivery time needed, the exact type and quantity of freight, the temperature requirements of the freight and even requests for specific equipment. The information entered by a client is then available for your trucking company to accept directly into TruckMate for Windows and a notification can be sent to your client.